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VBAC - Very Brave And Confident

Natural Childbirth, Medicated Childbirth, or a Repeat Cesarean...what do you want?

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean or better known as VBAC is a term many women of today have as part of their story.

When pregnancy progresses and birth is on the approach, what goes through your mind? Fear, pain, what if's, joy of having a new baby to love and cuddle, wondering if you have the ability to handle labor and birth or even parenting? My desire is for every woman to feel capable, confident and prepared to walk this incredible journey.

Giving birth the first time is going into the unknown. There you find new sensations, new need for mindset tools, new awareness of what you are capable of achieving. Giving birth after having a prior cesarean will ask even more from you. The story you have from your prior birth will try to convince you to just plan a repeat section. To not go through what you went through last time as you are expecting it to be the same. No two births are exactly alike. Learn from what that birth was and then begin a new journey to a different story.

Are you capable of achieving? Yes, and I also understand there are circumstances, situations or conditions which require a change of plans. Many women say they did all the classes, ate well and still ended in a c/section because..... and there is a list of reasons why this can happen.

  1. Long labor or pushing

  2. Posterior labor

  3. Inductions

  4. Breech

  5. High blood pressure

  6. Choleostasis

  7. Placenta Previa or abruption

  8. Baby "too big" or baby "too small"

  9. Waters released more than 18 hours without labor

  10. Post Dates

  11. Baby distressed

  12. and others.

What can prevent the majority of these from occurring? Bringing harmony and balance to the 5 keys: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and the heart. Reducing the risk of high blood pressure, breech, long labors, to big babies, inductions, starts in early pregnancy.

Having a Natural Childbirth often requires a change in lifestyle. Pregnancy opens the opportunity to learn and apply new ways of eating, moving, thinking, emotions, dealing with stress, sleeping and even relationships. Pregnancy will bring change, growth and expansion of who you are and your life. Not maybe, definitely.

Being willing to embrace this change is key. Are you willing to embrace change to increase your positive progressive birth in the future? Yes, I was hoping you would say that.

Take a look at my new Natural Childbirth 101 program VBAC- Very Brave And Confident especially for women planning a VBAC in whatever setting and care provider they are choosing. This is designed as an interactive, growth promoting program to help you discover what is important to you, what happened which created the section and practical, powerful proven tools to use daily to get you ready for a VBAC or HBAC (home birth after cesarean) or Healthy Birth And Celebration.

If you want to avoid the label of having a TOLAC, which is a medical term for Trial Of Labor After Cesarean, become education, motivated and supported to achieve becoming a new and powerfully determined confident person as you walk the journey to birthing vaginally.

Natural Childbirth 101 is dedicated to educating, inspiriting, motivating and supporting the celebration of the birth of who you are and your baby with respect and gentle welcoming. Enroll in one of our programs today for a brighter empowered future.

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