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Natural Childbirth 101

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Natural Childbirth 101 Classes

Pregnancy • Birth • Breastfeeding • Postpartum • Early Parenting


Each class will motivate, inspire and educate you to trust and believe in the power of your amazing body, mind and spirt while you celebrate your beautiful baby as you unfold your new life together.

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Monthly Membership  

Begins in May

Virtual 60 minute weekly interactive and educational sessions of movement, meditation, insight and motivation so you and your baby can unfold smoothly into your new life journey together. Ways to foster normal development in mind, body and spirit for the whole family.

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Just Imagine...

Those first magical moments with your sweet, soft, warm new baby, your sigh of relief as you hear the first cry.

Tears of gratitude streaming down you and

your partners cheeks.  

Your heart beaming as you smile and exclaim to the world...

I Did It!!

Every step in pregnancy was expanding your understanding and transforming your life. You had courage, confidence and became empowered as you beautifully birthed your baby.

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I love walking alongside a family as they journey through expanding, growing and changing their lives. Each family embraces the wisdom of ownership to become empowered and reclaim their birth. They know how to prevent complications and avoid interventions. It's a joy listening to families share their stories as they celebrated with their baby and fall in love during those first moments of life and beyond. 


I've been a midwife for over 25 years and educator to birthing families in addition to student midwives. My sincere desire for you and all women is to trust in the wisdom of your body, mind and spirit. Being a midwife, I understand normal, natural birth and the life transformation that comes for you and your baby.  These programs will empower you to be proactive and create a respected, nurtured and  transformational experience regardless of where you birth.


Natural is simply natures truths that everyone has within them.

Every woman deserves a midwife and now they can!

Big Hugs,❤️



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Families Share Their Stories


I was feeling overwhelmed with what supplements to take and how to support my body in early pregnancy while I was so sick until I joined Natural Childbirth 101 where I learned what supplements were essential and what I could do physically and mentally to support my changing body and growing baby. I learned what specific foods to eat and how often to help me feel the best I could. I learned great exercises that I still use today to help loosen my body and allow for growth. Natural childbirth 101 was a huge part of my healthy pregnancy and successful delivery.


All the natural supplements and exercise (both physically and mentally) helped me to prepare my body and mind for a powerful and quick water birth. You never truly know what to expect as a first time mom but Natural Childbirth 101 prepared me as much as possible. I truly believe I had such a wonderful experience because I invested my time and learned so much from the course.

First Time Mom - A. Thomas


I grew up hearing the birth horror stories and never imagined natural birth was an option, I was afraid of birth. Taking the Natural Childbirth 101 course really helped inform and equip me during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and I was able to make the right choices nutritionally, emotionally, and physically that really made a difference in having my beautiful, natural, unhindered and empowering birth. I never knew how wonderful giving birth could be.

First Time Parents - G. Woods

Although I knew I wanted to give birth naturally, I wasn’t sure how to prepare myself. When I joined Natural Childbirth 101 I learned tools that helped me stay calm during my labor, and guided me in making informed decisions about my birth. This course also helped prepare my husband with tools he needed to get me through each contraction. The way Kaleem with Natural childbirth 101 walks you through your bodies natural ability to birth helped me gain confidence in trusting my body during labor which allowed me to power through and have my dream birth.  

First Time Mom-D. Zentner


I am an FNP and CNM who cares for women and their families. I took the Natural Childbirth 101 class and learned so much about physiologic birth and empowering women. It taught me the importance of helping women care for their bodies through adequate nutrition, pelvic exercises, and supplements so they can then provide the best care to their growing babies. It helped my clients prevent complications and taught them to trust birth. I am so thankful for this course and would recommend it to all pregnant women and those who care for them.
M. Borgestad, MSN, CNM, FNP

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Lives with Kaleem

Follow Natural Childbirth 101 Facebook and Instagram: Weekly recorded Lives with  Kaleem as she shares her wisdom in an engaging, insightful way on topics of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum and living life from a positive mindset. 

Here are just a few.....

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GBS...Can we talk

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Pregnancy & Birth : L..o..v..e..Listen, ownership

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Post Dates Pregnancy Prevention

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Ownership...on the journey of birth and beyond

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Birth is a Decision

Postpartum The First 40 Days.JPG

Postpartum: The First 40 Days

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Breastfeeding Basics

Natural Childbirth 101 Blog Posts

Kaleem shares her wisdom, insight and helpful tools for parents who want to be in the know

Helping Others...

Part of our mission is to support the improvement of a positive, empowered life especially during pregnancy and in the children of our future. We share proceeds with these key organization that do just that. If you have a desire to give, to make a difference, do it! it is what builds our world to be a better place to live, one child, one birth and one village at a time.


Dedicated to a 5 pillar empowerment program to education, clean water, nutritious food, health care, economic empowerment, leadership development,and emergency relief. Each village grows to create a self sustaining life giving community. 


Dedicated to improving the lives of families by Building Birth Centers, Educating Midwives, Providing Mobil Clinics and Parent Education


We strive to change the world by being a beacon of compassion for every family we are blessed to serve. Many families face financial obstacles to having the birth or postpartum experience they desire. Others are suddenly faced with the unforeseen tragedy of needing to pay for unexpected funeral costs. We are here to support all of these families with compassion, understanding, and financial support. 

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