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Kaleem Joy, Licensed Midwife

Kaleem Joy
Licensed Midwife

I've been supporting families as a midwife since 1996 especially in the out-of-hospital community. Having attended some hospital and mostly out-of-hospital births, I have a great understanding and respect for holistic health and the appropriate use of interventions and medical care.  


I had the opportunity to attend my first birth outside of a hospital in 1987. I watched how nurturing, supportive, and encouraging the midwives were to the family. As their baby was born, I saw the compassion, respect, and gentle way the midwives cared for the newborn babe and their family. Through this experience, I felt motivated to make the decision and became a midwife. I had such a desire to empower families and provide care with the same respect the midwives did for that family and their baby. 


Since 1996 I have attended over 1,200 births as a midwife and educated thousands to be empowered and claim ownership to take a proactive approach for their births. Using this method of childbirth education assisted families in achieving a 97 % natural birth, free of interventions, medications, or surgery. The 2 % who did need technology or surgery were strong powerful people with the courage to follow the best journey for them and their baby.  As a primary care maternity midwife, I looked to nature first then medicine. The use of foods, supplements, herbs, homeopathy, massage, chiropractic, journaling, meditation, and more is the first approach to support health. Every woman deserves to have a midwife and the education provided by them.  Now everyone can! My programs help you achieve a natural normal birth and confident beginning to parenthood, regardless of where or with whom you birth with.  Beginning a new life is all about transformation for you, your partners and especially your baby. 

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