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Kaleem Joy

Licensed Midwife, Educator, Coach and Speaker

Hi, I'm so happy to meet you today at Natural Childbirth 101 

I have a passion for educating, inspiring, motivating and especially sparking in people their ability to believe in themselves.

As a young mother, I was searching for a belief in myself from something "out there."  Listening to people's opinion's of what I "should"  or "shouldn't do" and wanting to get it right.  Ever felt this way or know someone who did? 


I became a midwife in the late 90's, caring for and educating people to OWN their experience. Natural Childbirth 101 is the education I use as a proven program for parent's-to-be. Being a midwife I care for people from early pregnancy, labor and birth including their newborns for 6 weeks postpartum. It's the best care and so I wanted the education to be available for everyone.  Would you love that?

There are 5 key areas: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and the heart. I bring all 5 of these into my teaching and programs. You don't want to miss one or it will speak up at some point, and you don't want it to during your birth. 

Now as an educator, coach and speaker, I connect with people, guiding  them in igniting the spark of greatness. One of my sweetest  joy's is seeing people create a belief in themself to achieve something wonderful.  Birth, whether of a child or an idea  IS transformational and embracing the journey will help you unfold who you are and empower your life now and in the future. 


A little peak into my life; You can find me kayaking, hiking, mentoring student midwives and having fun playing with some of our 29 grandkids. 

Marlene Smith Family 2022-100EOS7D-0039.jpg


Erin Wilkins and Kaleem Joy, Licensed Midwife explore Erins journey through all 5 of her births. They talk about the journey of Farrah’s birth, the model of midwifery care, and the beautiful transformation that happens in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood. This episode is full of empowerment for mothers and Kaleem's wisdom from the past.

TEDXFolsom- Reimagining Gestating and Giving Birth to Ideas, Kaleem uses creative analogies and humor to guide us through the conception, pregnancy, and birth of an idea. Get ready to be inspired and motivated as she ignites a curiosity about bring your vision into reality.

Paradigm Shifts Podcast NURTURING THE NURTURER.with Judy Matejczyk and Kaleem Joy 5/14/24 Join us as we dive in together in a passionate conversation of empowerment, growth and the beautiful journey of bringing new life into the world. Get ready to be inspired and motivated by the words of women who are dedicated to empowering people and supporting a global change.

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