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Bundle Of Joy • Complete Premium Program 

Premium All Inclusive Package For Your Best Experience

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Childbirth Education Plus Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Postpartum with

proven tools, practical wisdom and empowering encouragement.

All Four Classes Include: 

  • Purpose within Pregnancy

  • Trust within Birth

  • Breastfeeding Journey 

  • Clarity within Postpartum

  • Facebook Member Only Group

  • Bonus - E-Booklet companion to the videos for review.

  • Bonus - Partners Journey, Medical Interventions, Intact Verses Circumcision

  • Full 12 month Access

Kaleem Joy, Licensed Midwife

Kaleem Joy, Licensed Midwife,
Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist
Mother and Grandmother
Founder of Natural Childbirth 101

Introducing Your Teacher

I believe in your ability to embrace and experience a pregnancy, birth and postpartum with trust, empowerment, strength and confidence. I am grateful to support you as you learn to create a peaceful, miraculous and healthy experience. 

I've been a midwife since 1994 and educator to thousand of birthing families in addition to several student midwives.

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Individual Class Options

Pregnant woman

Purpose within Pregnancy

Do you want the keys to a healthy pregnancy


 A confident and progressive childbirth?​​​​

Included in this class
  • Creating the birth you desire

  • Nutrition and supplements

  • Pregnancy discomforts and solutions

  • Affirmations for pregnancy, birth and BF

  • Stretches, using birth ball for smoother birth

  • The 5 P's in pregnancy to prepare for birth

  • Care providers and prenatal care

  • Creating a mindset of trust vs fear

  • Holistic prevention of complications

  • Connecting with your baby in the womb

  • Bonus material

  • Partners Journey to be supportive during pregnancy

New Parent with Newborn baby

Trust within Birth

Discover the power, courage, determination, 

and trust you desire.

Home • Birth Center • Hospital

Included in this class.
  • Trust birth physically and emotionally

  • Power vs Pain: mindset for labor

  • Stages of Labor: Progress is Key

  • Prevention of complications

  • Minimizing risk: tearing, inductions, interventions. and surgery.

  • Newborn Informed Decision Choices

  • What to expect and choices to make for your baby in the first hours and days after birth.

  • Bonus:Partners Journey: Understanding their role from pregnancy to parenthood

Newborn breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Naturally: An Instinctual Art


Breastfeeding Challenges: Understanding What You Can Do and

When You Need Support

Included in this class
Mother and Newborn baby

Clarity within Postpartum

You, your baby, and your family are all getting acquainted and learning to adjust

to a new life together.

The keys to a confident and healthy postpartum :

  • 1 day to 6 weeks and beyond!

  • Physical, Emotional, & Mental tools for navigating the newness.

  • Sleep, nourishment, and supportive encouragement

  • How to promote progressive healing in your own body

  • Partner's role: how to support each other and enjoy bonding with baby.

  • Increasing your confidence in parenting by having guidelines of what is normal

  • The Fourth Trimester- up to 12 weeks after birth (weekly guidelines of what to expect)

  • Exercise, tummy time, infant massage, babywearing, newborn sleep, relationships, and more. 

Included in this class
Newborn baby awake

Intact verses Circumcision:

Informed Decision Making

Know the facts, myths and truths. 

Don't accept this information and don't reject it: consider it. 

Your baby trust you to make informed decisions about their care.  

Journey within Breastfeeding

Foundational tools:

  • Steps for a good latch, how to tell, and how to maintain it.

  • How milk supply is made

  • Is baby getting enough? frequency of feedings and ways to evaluate milk quantity

  • Benefits of breastfeeding (the why behind it all!)

Some of the challenges covered include:

  • Tongue and other oral ties

  • Low milk supply

  • Muscle tension in baby

  • Supplemental feedings: pumping, donor milk, formula, pace bottle feedings

  • What type of provider or consultant can help.

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