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Poop! Your Baby's Microbiome

Surprised by the poop! Well, in todays human existence we need to pay attention to why your baby's gut health is so important.

Research after research is pointing to the reason for so many health issues from asthma, diabetes, obesity, skin issues, digestive upsets, degenerative issues and mental health.

How many parents have you talked to that their baby is fussy, having reflux, gas, crying in pain, sleep issues, and so on? It's all over social media.

Putting a band-aid on a problem means there was a cause for our beautiful children experiencing these. What is the cause of the gut issues for these babies and children and even adults of today? Are you ready for this...... BIRTH.

Yes you read that right. BIRTH is the cause of the issues and they continue throughout life and pass from one generation to the next. Birth is a rite of passage for how we live our lives. Few people are aware of the health and long term affects of how birth is occurring in our world.

What is the solution? I'm glad you are curious because there is a solution. It's BIRTH. It is becoming aware of the importance in planning, preparing and creating your birth so it supports your baby's life long health. This may challenge what you have planned or what birth meant to you up until now.

What this means is reclaiming the normal physiological process of birth. This happens at home or possibly at a free standing birth center where it is promoted. In a hospital, there are many interventions that can interfere with nature. This is not to say that a hospital birth cannot accomplish this. It is to say, there NEEDS to be a way to accomplish it because 97% of baby's are born there. Babies are often separated or handled by medical staff and too much wiping and drying off of what was put there to help the baby. The contact with other people, equipment and germs can interfere with the baby's need to populate their body with the RIGHT microbiome from the parent.

Nature is our life on this planet. It feed us, gives us water, air to breath and beautiful places to see and.... it knows how to birth in a way that promotes the best quality of life. This will take a mindset shift to see birth as more than pain people want to escape from. Birth is an essential life giving, and sustaining process that must be reclaimed. This correction of the course it has been on, is what will improve health in our world.

The research proves this. Not maybe, not it might, it is absolute. Medical research has proved that the microbiome is at the core of our health. That core starts with BIRTH.

Birth was designed to be messy and babies are meant to be born vaginally with all the juices and poop that surrounds their environment. All too many times the area is washed with antiseptic soap to make it "clean". It was already perfectly "clean" and ready for the baby.

A baby comes into this world from a basically sterile environment and it is through the vaginal fluids, mothers poop, her microbiome on her skin and breath and kisses and love that actually begins a life long health for the baby. All of these areas are there giving to the baby the bacteria that is essential to populate their gut. Essential to support their health.

Next to a normal vaginal birth where baby has free access to the experience, no intervening, is BREASTFEEDING. The gut bacteria the baby welcomes from the mother is fed by special sugars in the colostrum and milk that its primary job is to help the bacteria to thrive. So baby to breast is best and if unable to, collect colostrum and give to the baby by syringe.

Will you reclaim your right to give birth under your own wisdom and power? Will you reclaim the right to ensure your baby has access to all the important health promoting bacteria they need? Are you willing to learn more? Watch the movie link below called Microbirth and see the whole picture.

Enroll today in our Natural Childbirth 101 video or live virtual classes to plan, prepare and experience your best birth for you and your baby. It's a matter of life long health for generations to come.

Microbirth by Toni Harmon

The MicroBirth book by Toni Harmon

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