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Birth: 1 of 5 Powerful Tools

You've heard of power tools for building and constructing homes, right? What about building the best birth for you and your baby. Yep, you guessed it, there are power tools for this as well.

As a midwife for more than 25 years, I have worked with women walking the journey of pregnancy to the childbirth they desired for themselves and their baby. During the journey there are important ways to ensure you have the right power tool for the construction of your birth.

Passageway is power tool number one: Your passageway in made of bones for structure and soft tissues such as muscle, ligaments and tendons. This power tool is an essential one which must be willing to be flexible, fluid and expansive. It's not the bones which do this, it's the soft tissue which must be willing to stretch. Your baby is dependent on this passageway to be willing to open and expand for them to do their job. Baby's job is to move down and through in a progressive way. In Natural Childbirth 101 Classes you'll learn the proven ways to help you create a flexible pelvis.

If you've ever broken a toe/foot, sprained an ankle, injured your knee, fell on your tailbone, had an accident and so on, your pelvis may have compensated for the injury and you may not even know it. So what can you do? Glad you asked.

Find a local chiropractor and massage therapist in your area who specializes in pregnancy. Dedicate time and resources to see them. You want to know in labor and birth you did what your baby needed to allow them to do their job. There are more cesareans done due to a baby who had difficulty making their way through the passageway and I don't want that to be your story and I believe you don't either.

Does it mean if you don't see them, you will have a C/S? No, however, if you want to maximize your birth to be the best and ensure you have each of the power tools working, dedicate to increase the pelvis mobility. Include in this, daily stretching, walking and not caring your toddler on your hip frequently. Natural Childbirth 101 has classes which will help you in all areas of your power tools to ensure you are ready for your most transformational experience. A journey of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I am speaking really straight and to the point, no fancy fluffy words. Just truth for you to take control of what the outcome is by using prevention now, while your body is making the adjustments and softening. I believe in you and you are truly amazing!!

Natural Childbirth 101 is dedicated to your success with having the best birth for you and your baby. Starting with prevention is a key to welcome this journey to be one you love.

Big Hugs,

Kaleem Joy, Licensed Midwife

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