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Weeding the Birth Garden

Positive Mental Attitude is important for weeding the garden that will grow your baby and prepare you for a confident birth.

As I was texting a friend the other day, I mentioned this analogy about a garden, seeds and weeds. We each plant things we want to grow in our minds garden. Sometimes we plant seeds of doubt, worry or fear. Sometimes we plant seeds of confidence, courage and determination. Either ones we plant are going to grow so plant the ones you want.

Within each one of us, we can make a choice of what seeds we want to plant, nurture and grow. Every garden has seeds that float in from the surrounding areas of weeds and plants. These can mix with the ones we have planted. Often we don't even know they have floated in and begun to germinate. Keep an eye out for the ones that are tricky to recognize like social media or friends and family.

As we plant the seeds we want and nurture them, there may be things that start growing which we have no desire to want in our garden. Especially our birth garden. So we pluck out the ones that may take over the garden and nourish the ones that we want to flourish. We must be aware of what is growing to ensure that we are allowing only what is desire.

Here's a 5 minute garden tip: Write down what you are growing in your garden of life or birth. Notice if there are any weeds that need to be pulled out and tossed away. Weeding is something we do frequently in a garden especially as the seeds we want are just starting out. Make room for the ones you want to nourish. Pin this list up and 3 times today take a look at what you desire, design to grow and imagine it growing. Growing as if you are experiencing it now.

Have fun with designing your garden today!

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