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Gestating An Idea

A young girl thinking of an idea
An Idea is being created

Have you ever wondered if the ideas you have are worth putting time into? We have about 60,000-70,000 thoughts a day going through our mind. That's a lot of thoughts!

What do we do with all of these thoughts? Some of them come together and they form an idea. An idea is sort of a plan or a solution to a problem. When the idea comes, you have the choice to pick it up and do something with it or let it go and the wind will blow it along. Some ideas even get put up on the shelf collecting dust to "do them later".

Have you ever thought that before, "I'll get to that later"? What about gestating the idea. This means it has come together with something that really matters to you. You begin to develop it, define it and even visual it as if it was real. GREAT JOB!

Gestating an idea means there is a willingness to stretch, grow and become a new version of yourself.

One day the gestation comes to a close and birth occurs. You walk through the final journey of waves of breathing in the future and letting go of the past so you can welcome and celebrate the new idea.

This can be a baby, new job, vacation, invention, song, art, a love of your life or house. It can even be a simple as wanting to have a beautiful candlelight dinner with music and great food with your best friend.

When it comes to birth, sometimes people put it on the shelf and think "I will get to that later". Later definitely comes and often they are unprepared for natural childbirth.

Natural Childbirth 101 is designed to walk with you throughout pregnancy on those key points to support you in creating a birth you will love. It even goes 2 steps further and you learn the tried and true way to get started breastfeeding on the right track plus what to expect postpartum for the first 6 weeks. No other education compares to this. The reason is, midwifery care education. It's the same guidance families recieve from me as a midwife. The key is to support you in feeling calm, confident being aware of what is normal and what may need evaluation. Most importantly is to really enjoy your baby.

Enroll in the classes today and be proactive with what you can do to have the birth you desire. Pregnancy is the time change. This change is on all levels- physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. Would you love to have a midwife walk along side you? I would love to do that for you. Oh and if you had a C/S last time and are working toward and VBAC, there is a special class just for you.

Much love and big hugs of support.


Be sure to check out my TEDxFolsom Talk, and Podcast interviews on Essential Erin Podcast and Paradigm Shifts.

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