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It's All In The Way You Look At It

Do you remember having one of those test where they show you a picture and ask you what you see? Then you realize that it depends on the way you look at it, as to what you can see. One I remember, was of an old woman and a young woman.

When the topic of pregnancy comes up, people have their variety of ideas, likes and dislikes and what they think you should or shouldn't do. Opinions are everywhere from everyone usually especially once you start showing. Even the grocery story clerk has a story for you about their experience going through pregnancy and birth.

People have their perspective on natural vs medicated, hospital vs home or birth center and what is safe. Even the perspective of what pregnancy and birth represent in life... Just a time to build a family or a transformational experience.

When you look with your eyes you can see colors, shapes, dimensions, even textures and so on. What looks like blue could be described by one as soft, creamy and simply beautiful. Another may say blue is cold, distant or emotionless. It's all in the way you choose to look at it.

Life is like this and we have the choice everyday, especially when you are pregnant, to look, feel and experience life the way you want to. Life is going to come and go every minute. 40 weeks, give or take a few, will pass and the baby will be born, one way or another.

Would you love to create a pregnancy, birth and parenting that is made by design of what you would love to experience or by default and take whatever it gives you day by day? If you would love to choose, then go for it. Really, go for it. What would you love to experience? Let you imagination have a moment to have fun with this.

This life is one day at a time and we can start new at any moment. Growing a new life within you is also growing who you are. Growth, change and expansion of your life, body, thoughts, feelings, they are going to happen. Not maybe, DEFINITELY!

If a person thinks about pregnancy as a time to just deal with all the aches and pains, be grumpy and tired, feel overwhelmed and resentful.... guess what... that's exactly the perspective they will live every single day. AND let's remember their baby is living that too. No guilt here, moms, just increased awareness that it's time to take a LOOK and change your perspective.

Start by looking at what you have been seeing, thinking, feeling about pregnancy or an up coming birth. Then look at what would be a positive statement that you would love to feel and experience more often. Then write it down, put it up in the bathroom, bedroom and places you will see it often. Repeat it every time you come across it until you begin to believe it.

At first your brain will say " oh you can't expect that". It will try to keep you in the past. Pregnancy and birth are going to walk you into a new future. Why not start now to create what you would love. This includes relationships as well.

Start with more gratitude in your home and ask your family to join in the game. Put a gratitude jar in the kitchen and ask people to add at least 3 slips of paper with something they are grateful for in this day. Then at the end of the day read them at dinner. You might just find some inspiring moments and ones you can laugh at.

When creating Natural Childbirth 101 programs and classes I thought about what perspective can I bring to people which will give them support to be the owners of their experience. To help them become empowered with confidence, courage and strength. My classes are designed to give clear, simple insight and encourage people to make informed decisions that will empower their journey. I hope you like these blog posts and will share them with your friends and followers. Come check out Natural Childbirth 101 Instagram and Facebook posts and stories as well. Thanks so much for checking it out.

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