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Pregnancy test... is it really positive? Now What?

So you wake up in the morning and shuffle off to the bathroom. It's that day, you know the one that is the day your period didn't start. You get out the box, read the instructions and do the test. Tick tok, tick tok, and you set the timer and wait. .....

From closed eyes, you pick up the all powerful stick that will tell you what your next journey in life is about to be. POSITIVE!! A burst of emotions go flooding through you as you look again, is this really true? Wow, your smile becomes so big you can hardly imagine how you are going to maintain a calm face when you tell your partner the news.

Hopefully you are one of the people that is excited about a positive test. Your partner is reading the morning social report and you get their attention. They look into your eyes and they look at you with that expression of " what is going on!!" You smile because you can't not smile and then you show them the test. Their eyes light up and suddenly there is a big hug with " oh my word, is this real?". Maybe it took you 1 month, maybe 10 months or 5 years. Maybe you weren't planning on getting pregnant or at least right at this time in your life. Either way the excitement takes over. At least for now.

What's next when you find out you're pregnant, GROW YOUR BABY! Believe it or not, there is no test, ultrasound or visits that you need. The most important thing to do is smile, take it all in and begin settling in to the news.

So really.... what's next? Ok so you're body will be diligently growing your baby every moment of every day. I know that sounds a little much but it's really something truly amazing that you can do.

Start by taking Prenatal Vitamins that are from a whole food source. My favorite is Baby N Me by Innate Response or Code Raw or Garden of Life or.... there are many others every year that are growing in our stores. Prenatal vitamins don't replace your dedication to optimum nutrition, they will help fill in the gaps that are most important for your babies needs. Make sure your supplements include a key nutrition called Methylfolate.

Methylfolate is a B vitamin that is responsible for cell division. Your baby is doing cell division constantly so this is REALLY important. Take 800-1000mcg per day. Some prenatal have included this but be aware of the ones that say folic acid. That is synthetic and some people don't metabolize it so they can use it.

Lastly, when you do decide to start looking for a care provider, interview all your options even if you had never considered anything but a hospital birth with a Doctor. You will learn to know your options and knowing your options means you can make informed decisions not just do "what everyone else" is doing. This is your journey, your experience and your baby's only birth.

Check out my next blog post on early ultrasounds and why you may or may not want one.

Enroll in Natural Childbirth 101 classes today will get you on the best track going forward. Even morning sickness, that often starts at 6 weeks, is part of my pregnancy class. And you know that is something people have told you lots of stories about , Right? See you soon.

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